Broken Shed Premium New Zealand Vodka is exclusively distributed in Australia by Vodkarus.

The spirit we use for our vodka was three times distilled from whey, or as we call it "milk honey".


Two distinct water sources were used to prepare our unique water. We used natural mineral spring water from a 15,000 year old aquifer in the South Island that we blended with pure spring water from the North Island of New Zealand. We created a balanced and unique water profile for our vodka.  

Our naturally smooth taste is the result of water re-balancing and blending techniques.

Broken Shed Vodka is naturally smooth, containing only the whey distillate and pure springwater.

It has no additives or sweeteners and is naturally gluten and GMO free. Learn more

40% - 80 proof - 750 mL - 6 bottles per carton


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